I once read a list of characteristics attributed to artists, and one was, “easily bored”. I felt that was untrue as I have PLENTY to do in the studio if not in other parts of life. Then I gave it more thought and for me, “bored” can translate to, “dislike of feeling stagnant or repetitive”. Ok yes, I get bored.

So I try to do a little exploring and this is what I came up with recently. My continued goal is to give less and less information with greater impact. I realize this is a lifelong journey, but little changes lead to larger shifts eventually.

Inspired by 2 recent workshops with Larry Moore and David Shevlino, I blocked this one in with a Bondo Scraper using acrylics. No brushes…just scooped up paint and applied color shapes. The next layer is oil, applied with 2 inch gesso brushes and palette knife. The underlying bold acrylic color shapes led me to stick with more chromatic oil color, which is great because sometimes I can get too neutral. I like where this is going and not sure what’s next. Stay tuned!

Sunflowers Acrylic Block In .jpg

Sunflowers WIP.jpg

“Do not let it look as if you reasoned too much…”–Charles Hawthorne