Fancy Pants

Ever bought your cat an expensive, high tech toy only to watch her go straight for a piece of string? Did you get your child that pricey, must-have toy for Christmas and watch him promptly play with the box it came in? Sometimes I get enticed by some newfangled tool on the market that I’m sure will make me paint like <insert master painter’s name here>. If I buy that expensive brand of paint that <insert another master painter’s name here> uses, my paintings will look like his/hers...right? Nope. Although good quality brands and certain cool tools do help us along on our artistic journeys, at the end of the day it is all about hard work and persistence.

 As for my favorite “cool tool”, it is a 2 inch brush that cost $3.25.


I did this 20x30 color/value block-in with it. The large, floppy brush aids me in keeping the initial shapes simple, which is the cornerstone of solid painting. The less detail in the beginning the better. As I continue working on the painting I will keep using the 2 inch brush and see if I can make it to the finish without going smaller.



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“Swing a bigger brush – you don’t know what you’re missing.”
~ Charles Hawthorne