Keeping It Fresh

In the first stages of my paintings I feel free, unchained by the confines of completion. This lends to a fresh and loose approach that is prevalent in my work. But sometimes I hear a voice... tighten it up, Sister”. Who is that voice and why does she want me to overwork my painting? After all, isn’t more better? Nope. I have learned It takes a lot of restraint to stop painting before the spontaneity disappears. Knowing when to stop is as important a skill as drawing or mixing color. Here is a good example of less is more. I was tempted to add more detail to this painting but realized the simple shapes and color harmony speak volumes.

Peace Within

“Peace Within” 11x14 painted on location
Too much reality in a picture is always a disappointment to the imaginative soul. We love suggestion and not hard facts.
–John F. Carlson